On the Table of Fate

Haiku by Charles
Creative Poetry From the viewpoint of a Zombie

im really torn up
a hole in my neck whistles
with every inhale

I loved my momma
I eat with my mouth closed,
how she would want it

my dad used to say
always finish what you start
so I ate her all

she’s always with me
especially if my gut
cant digest toenails

I really need blood
moaning “brains” is hard to do
with a dried out tongue

blood is really warm
it’s like drinking hot chocolate
but with more screaming

biting into heads
is much harder than it looks
his skull is feisty

occasional screams
loudly tell me of missed meals
that others found first

brains are less squishy
and a tad bit more squeaky
than some might guess

my right foot snapped off
so now i walk on a nub
thus causing the lean

the flies on my arm
clearly have something to do
with all these maggots

intestines dangle
as he crawls, they trail behind
from where i bit him

I need to slow down
its hard when eating fingers
to tell whose hand’s whose


Benny Branchbiter Diary
Day 6

The morning started out the same as it usually does, up at dawn and a warm breakfast [thanks to the fact hobbits love to eat]. Stan was complaining about the cool air this morning, as he normally does AND apparently the horse crapped on one of the cooking pots overnight [Serves Stan right, im tired of having to pack up the dishes every evening]. We set off towards Barraro once again [I can hardly wait to get home, get paid and be rid of this fat lazy hobbit]. Most of the day went by pretty good, aside from the horse having a bad case of gas, a side effect of getting into the oats this morning. I was walking along [keeping a distance from the horse] when suddenly the horse spooked. The problem with having an easy journey is that you tend to let your guard down.

We were set upon by goblins, a surprisingly well coordinated attack. One goblin spooked the horse causing it to run, then another goblin sprung from the bulrushes along the river and scared the horse enough to cause it to make a hard right turn and breaking a leg, thus tipping the wagon and throwing our fat friend to the ground. In keeping with Stans classic behavior, he scurried for cover as soon as he landed and hollered “kill those goblins, they wounded my favorite horse and spilled my stew!!!” once it clued in as to what was going on, we were surrounded. I shot one goblin dead almost immediately, as 2 closed in on my elven companion Freddy Fiveleaves. I kept the other goblin busy while the 2 were hanging a licking on Freddy. Another goblin found more pleasure in mutilating the horse while it was still alive.

Before I knew it, another adventuring group arrived on scene, and boy was that handy. They quickly killed the other goblins, but not before Freddy met an untimely end. After the battle, I noticed a trashy human try to take Freddys money pouch while pretending to “check if he was alive”. The dumb human should have tried a better excuse as Freddys head was quite bashed in by that time. I was just gonna shoot that trashbag dead for stealing, and do the world a favor, but there was enough killing today, so I told him to hand over the money as it was going to Freddys family when we got back to town [I wasn’t gonna tell him that Freddy owed me money for his gambling addiction, and therefore Freddys untimely death conveniently meant it was finally payday for yours truly].

The rest of the trip went smooth, and I was glad to get back to town and collect my pay from the fat little shopkeeper. Off to new adventures!!

Journal Entry 11

Today has been an interesting day. Following the events of last night, the slaying of a vampire (by our female cleric…useless men!) That attacked us while we were sleeping, we ventured out of our den of relative safety to hunt the beast. alas we failed to find him, he seems to have fled the dungeon! Likely he left after receiving word that a cunning rogue was after his head. we did however, find his chair which we brutalized. Once again the women showed their superiority over the men folk. Yours truly gave the soap-eating half-orc vital advice on how to dispatch the fiend and thus via proxy defeated the beast.

After defeating the vile chair monster the party across a chasm. On the other side of the gorge there were piles of wonderful precious treasure! The gap was too far to jump so we would have to climb across via rope. This is when our moronic druid, rather than gracing yours truly, the expert in acrobatics and climbing, decided to give himself spider climb. He’s as clumsy as an orc! He then attempted to tame the guardian of the chasm, a large bat, and then proceeds to to climb across looking like a nincompoop. The bat apparently thought the druid was as charming as I did (with his endless moaning on and on about loving natural world. Misgidided idiot! Fifty percent of his own species is being oppressed and he complains continually about a bit of wood being used to for building houses. He clearly understands

The love Story of Liz and Cidd
Session 3

Half-Orc Cidd falls in love with a cow named Liz. Bonus Experience to the person to write the love story of Cidd and Liz and

The Epic Tale of Interspecies Love at First Sight

It started as just another day in the small town of Barraro. But this day was to be special.
A group of intrepid adventurers had arrived, including the hero of our story, a simple Half-Orc named Cidd. Cidd was like most Half Orcs, a bit of an outcast from both races and a bit of a loner. Little did he realize that fortune smiled on him and all of that was about to change.
It was during his preparation to travel to Cauldron when he saw her………..
Heavenly tufts of beautiful black and white fur, glistening in the morning sun. Hooves of blackest night, and an utter more supple than the finest leather. 900lbs of total bovine beauty. It was love at first sight. After a quick transaction with the stable master the 2 of them were united at last!!!. Cidd had found his soulmate. It was then that he returned to the party to show off his new-found treasure and promptly introduced her as “Elizabeth” but fate had a cruel side, for this heavenly union was not to last……It wasnt until their arrival in Cauldron when disaster finally struck. During a visit to the local temple, Cidd decided to tie his beloved Elizabeth to the hitching post out front, as she would not be welcome in the holy place. Choosing to save money, Cidd decided to spend the night in the temple on the floor, but his beloved was still outside. The next morning he awoke to find the most devastating thing had happened in the night. His dear Elizabeth was gone!!!!!! Overtaken by grief he began his frantic search. It was a bit later when his traveling companions found out what happened and decided to help. While Cidd was frantically scouring the city, his adventuring group managed to track her down with the help of the Druids wolf. She was happily chewing her Cud in the local stables. A stranger had taken her and sold her to the stable master. After a bit of bargaining, they bought Elizabeth AND had a plan to keep her from being separated from her true love ever again. They would brand her. They had a brand made by the local blacksmith, after a day of waiting it was the moment of truth. The brand was ready and they brought Elizabeth to the blacksmith. All was about to come to completion when Cidd arrived at the last minute. He was horrified, his “Friends” were about to commit a most heinous crime, they dared to mark her most perfect skin. Cidd was outraged, Elizabeth was his, and she was perfect the way she was, she didnt need any brands or marks to show that she belonged to him, after all how could people not know they were a match made in heaven. With the crime so narrowly avoided, Cidd was never the same after that. Betrayed by his friends, Cidd decided to give up the adventuring life and focus his attention on the only thing that mattered to him, His beloved bovine. Cidd moved to a small farmstead just outside of Bararo where he could retire and raise a family, Cidd and Elizabeth are now happily together and have 3 small half-orc/minotaur children named Brad, Carl and Shelley.
And so ends the tale of Cidd and Elizabeth, true love will conquer all adversity

Jenella Graystone Entry Log
3rd Quaternary Advance

Jenella Graystone Log Entry

I’ve lost track of the time and day as we’ve wandered through these ruins. But one thing I remember for sure is the beautiful chambers of a chapel. Sadly it was in ruins as well, with pieces of debris littering the floors and the pews. The Altar that could have once been a beautiful place of ceremony was no longer beautiful. I approached the right of the altar as Lady Sakura gracefully moved to the left of the Altar. I would envy her moves of grace, as being a monk I should also have the same feat, but my clumsiness always gets the better of me. Before I knew it, there a flash of light and then complete darkness! Even for a Half Elf with low light vision, it was hard to see. But with the help of some light from a lantern, I could see Lady Sakura was gone and in her place were two men. This must be another spiritual test on this adventure. I must find the good in these beings and approach them cautiously for I want no regrets. If I move slowly and talk carefully, I’m sure I can find that. No regrets and the good in them. We are all here to protect ourselves and our beliefs. And so it began…

We have lost Lady Sakura and are traveling with a human and a half orc, a large male being that is so different and unusual. Maybe He too has gone through the trials of being an unaccepted half being as I have. They have joined our party with the help of the human healer to aid in the conversation. This will be a true test to see if we, as a group, can find ourselves working together through these unknown days in these ruins.
Jenella Graystone

Noak's Slumber
2nd Quaternary Advance

My sleep was rudely interrupted today by a ragtag group. All I was doing was sleeping and minding my own business when a half-elf and elf decided to start sneaking around my cavern.


I pretended to ignore them as more and more came into my cavern.

Just a bit closer…

All of a sudden they all began to run away. Now was the time. For some reason one of them threw something on the ground and started a fire. Did he think I was scared of fire? I’M A FUCKING DRAGON!

I flew over and used my breath attack on them.

It looks to have scared them even more. They all scampered out the door and shut it again.

Oh well. Entertainment over. Back to sleep…

DAMN FIRE!!!!!!!

Sloviar Glowvendal

The Trials of Mindor Al'Zul
22nd Tertiary Advance

So there I am in this seedy bar about halfway to Cauldron, got about a month to get there so no hurry. Since time wasn’t of the essence i decided to check out if there were any little side jobs that could be picked up along the way. The first one looked fairly interesting, escort some dignitary to Cauldron, talk about convenient, get paid to go where I’m going anyway. So I asked the bartender who I should talk to. He points out this hoitie toitie foreigner squeaking some weird music out on a flute on stage. So I patiently wait by the side of the stage for her to finish her set, gritting my teeth at every false note. She finally finishes her caterwauling and comes over to speak to me. You know what this ditzy chick is offering to pay???!!! Nothing!!! that’s right she not paying a thing just a share, a bloody share of any treasure taken off bandits and the such!! Well I said to the gods with that and went back to the bartender to check out the only other job one the board. Some “adventure” in some one horse town about halfway to Cauldron. By now I’m think to the gods with THIS one horse town. Figuring what the gods i head back to the wannabee flutist,who has by now gathered a couple suckers to her cause, two of those shady elves and a bloody half elf monk of all things. I tell her that I’m willing to join their little troupe and she is so grateful she offers me a place of prominence on her wagon, i decline of coarse, way to easy to get shot up there, and tell her gracefully that i would be more comfortable on the tailgate, easier to cut and run if the trip turns into horse piss in the wind.

I will say one thing about elves, pretty good traveling companions, never say much and move pretty quiet. Now half elves on the other hand OH MY GODS..!!!! Natter natter natter, like if it was quiet for a minute without mentioning the good graces of her god the sky might fall. Reminded me of the old priest back home, you know the type, wouldn’t even give you a crust of bread without preaching some sermon about the evils of the world. Next time anyway I’m going to insist on one of those silent monk types, though I’m sure if it’s a half elf it’ll still find a way to annoy me.

After a couple of days of this I’m beginning to wonder if a free ride is really worth it, and boom we stumble on something interesting. Seems a couple elves are having a disagreement with the local goblins. Being the heroic type I am, I sprint towards the fray straight through the trees, said heroic not stupid. I get there just in time to see the elf dispatch one goblin and the last one seeing me appear from seemingly nothing cuts tail and runs. Then in true elvish fanaticism the less civilized elf in our party shoots him in the back, AND still lets it get away!! We graciously help out the last elf and his halfling master, seriously who does that, who works for a furry footed halfling. Elves being so over boned sensitive, here I am trying to help with his dead companion and what does he do? He pulls his gods loving bow on me and accuses me of stealing! If I was going to steal from anyone it wouldn’t be two elves that had to lower themselves to working for a Halfling, like really what could they have had, a gold and maybe four coppers.

So we take this Halfling back to town and turns out she owns the local store and will reward us a hundred gold each, for what I’m not sure but I ain’t arguing. I’m just thinking this trip might be worth it after all when she drops the words “store credit”. Store Credit!!! Seriously who does that, like I’m ever going to come back to this dirt water town. So any way went into their little store and found out they had a stable too, bought the best flea-bitten nag they had and tack for it, sure I over paid but STORE CREDIT really!

Turns out this is the town with the adventure, kill the goblins that have been plaguing the town. So me and my companions decide why not could be fun. We follow the wild looking elf into the woods, turns out he has some not bad tracking skills. Not bad from a point of view that is, he manages to track us right into an ambush. Gods save me from these elves, any god please… Turns out it’s some sort of goblin shaman and his pet wolf, he throws a couple spells we fight out of the woods, me I’m keeping an eye out around us cause obviously can’t trust these woody elves. And once again the goblin decides to run. Run is that all goblins know how to do? Makes me wonder about those fools in town that can’t handle them, like how pathetic can you be? Mister crazy elf manages to kill this elf while it’s tucking tail and we get some not bad loot for very little work. Oh forgot to mention the other elf manages to stab herself with a tree or something, clutz, so back to town we go. Will try and find the goblins den after our frail party members heal up. This could end up taking up all my spare time after all……….

Tova's Journal
22nd Tertiary Advance

I found myself in Brario this evening. The tavern in this village is predictably unpleasant, but for the delightfully colourful flautist on the stage. Few in the audience appeared as anything more than the local specimen, gruff and unwashed. I did, however, note a young, half-breed monk enjoying the performance, who was so brightly dressed as to draw the attention of anyone in her vicinity (I shall keep that in mind. She would be an easy distraction if I need to get lost), and an Elven ranger sitting alone near the back. As we were the only two elves in the room, I greeted him briefly before inquiring with the barkeep about the job postings. The ranger followed as I was directed to speak to the flautist, a “Lady Sakura”, and we accepted positions to guard her as she travels to the city of Cauldron. The garish monk and a loud human also joined us and we set off at first light the following morning.

About half way to the town of Barrow’s Edge, we came upon a caravan being attacked by goblins on the road. Interestingly, Lady Sakura joined in the melee. I kept her behind me as I am her bodyguard even in this, but she is able to fight. We assisted the badly overrun guards, then righted their transport and joined it to our own team to drive it back to town. The caravan owner was a halfing named Sten who just so happened to own the general store in Barrow’s Edge. She kindly offered us credit to fill out our supplies as needed.

In town, we were able to follow up on another job that I’d glanced at back in Brario. There was a general call for adventurers, and now that we’re here we learn that the town has been facing a goblin problem in recent months. They need exterminators. We think we can take care of this, and Sakura believes it will not set her schedule out so we accept.

The ranger does an admirable job of tracking the goblins from the site of the caravan attack. We came across an ambush, which we won but where I unfortunately took a spear in my gut. The Priestess of Eilistraee residing in town healed me while we had our newly acquired magical items identified. Newly armed with wands and scrolls, we went back out and followed the trail to what we believe to be the goblin lair. We’ve killed several goblins and their pets, though we left one behind a jammed door and I am sure that ooze is more of a co-resident.

At this juncture I have to evaluate my current party. Now that we have found our way into this cavern, I need to be attentive of my resources should this get more difficult than we’ve found. The monk has proven herself pleasant – friendly, if unnervingly sweet at times – and her fists are strong. The human makes too much noise and he is lazy, but he likes to fight and is skilled with his tools. Lady Sakura is quick and fluid. She seems prepared to do what is needful; she is not to be dismissed for her daintiness. The ranger is very skilled with his bow and his eyes. I appreciate his attention to our rear flanks as we maneuver these halls. I do not know these people yet, and I do not trust them, but at the least they show value in their training and appearances. I will watch them, and hope She is not also.

Tova Naile

Session 1
Character Creation

The party meets up in Brario after watching Lady Sakura perform the decide to head to Barrow’s Edge to Help without knowing what they are getting themselves into.

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