On the Table of Fate

Jenella Graystone Entry Log

3rd Quaternary Advance

Jenella Graystone Log Entry

I’ve lost track of the time and day as we’ve wandered through these ruins. But one thing I remember for sure is the beautiful chambers of a chapel. Sadly it was in ruins as well, with pieces of debris littering the floors and the pews. The Altar that could have once been a beautiful place of ceremony was no longer beautiful. I approached the right of the altar as Lady Sakura gracefully moved to the left of the Altar. I would envy her moves of grace, as being a monk I should also have the same feat, but my clumsiness always gets the better of me. Before I knew it, there a flash of light and then complete darkness! Even for a Half Elf with low light vision, it was hard to see. But with the help of some light from a lantern, I could see Lady Sakura was gone and in her place were two men. This must be another spiritual test on this adventure. I must find the good in these beings and approach them cautiously for I want no regrets. If I move slowly and talk carefully, I’m sure I can find that. No regrets and the good in them. We are all here to protect ourselves and our beliefs. And so it began…

We have lost Lady Sakura and are traveling with a human and a half orc, a large male being that is so different and unusual. Maybe He too has gone through the trials of being an unaccepted half being as I have. They have joined our party with the help of the human healer to aid in the conversation. This will be a true test to see if we, as a group, can find ourselves working together through these unknown days in these ruins.
Jenella Graystone


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