On the Table of Fate

Noak's Slumber

2nd Quaternary Advance

My sleep was rudely interrupted today by a ragtag group. All I was doing was sleeping and minding my own business when a half-elf and elf decided to start sneaking around my cavern.


I pretended to ignore them as more and more came into my cavern.

Just a bit closer…

All of a sudden they all began to run away. Now was the time. For some reason one of them threw something on the ground and started a fire. Did he think I was scared of fire? I’M A FUCKING DRAGON!

I flew over and used my breath attack on them.

It looks to have scared them even more. They all scampered out the door and shut it again.

Oh well. Entertainment over. Back to sleep…

DAMN FIRE!!!!!!!

Sloviar Glowvendal


MylesWilson MylesWilson

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