On the Table of Fate

The love Story of Liz and Cidd

Session 3

Half-Orc Cidd falls in love with a cow named Liz. Bonus Experience to the person to write the love story of Cidd and Liz and

The Epic Tale of Interspecies Love at First Sight

It started as just another day in the small town of Barraro. But this day was to be special.
A group of intrepid adventurers had arrived, including the hero of our story, a simple Half-Orc named Cidd. Cidd was like most Half Orcs, a bit of an outcast from both races and a bit of a loner. Little did he realize that fortune smiled on him and all of that was about to change.
It was during his preparation to travel to Cauldron when he saw her………..
Heavenly tufts of beautiful black and white fur, glistening in the morning sun. Hooves of blackest night, and an utter more supple than the finest leather. 900lbs of total bovine beauty. It was love at first sight. After a quick transaction with the stable master the 2 of them were united at last!!!. Cidd had found his soulmate. It was then that he returned to the party to show off his new-found treasure and promptly introduced her as “Elizabeth” but fate had a cruel side, for this heavenly union was not to last……It wasnt until their arrival in Cauldron when disaster finally struck. During a visit to the local temple, Cidd decided to tie his beloved Elizabeth to the hitching post out front, as she would not be welcome in the holy place. Choosing to save money, Cidd decided to spend the night in the temple on the floor, but his beloved was still outside. The next morning he awoke to find the most devastating thing had happened in the night. His dear Elizabeth was gone!!!!!! Overtaken by grief he began his frantic search. It was a bit later when his traveling companions found out what happened and decided to help. While Cidd was frantically scouring the city, his adventuring group managed to track her down with the help of the Druids wolf. She was happily chewing her Cud in the local stables. A stranger had taken her and sold her to the stable master. After a bit of bargaining, they bought Elizabeth AND had a plan to keep her from being separated from her true love ever again. They would brand her. They had a brand made by the local blacksmith, after a day of waiting it was the moment of truth. The brand was ready and they brought Elizabeth to the blacksmith. All was about to come to completion when Cidd arrived at the last minute. He was horrified, his “Friends” were about to commit a most heinous crime, they dared to mark her most perfect skin. Cidd was outraged, Elizabeth was his, and she was perfect the way she was, she didnt need any brands or marks to show that she belonged to him, after all how could people not know they were a match made in heaven. With the crime so narrowly avoided, Cidd was never the same after that. Betrayed by his friends, Cidd decided to give up the adventuring life and focus his attention on the only thing that mattered to him, His beloved bovine. Cidd moved to a small farmstead just outside of Bararo where he could retire and raise a family, Cidd and Elizabeth are now happily together and have 3 small half-orc/minotaur children named Brad, Carl and Shelley.
And so ends the tale of Cidd and Elizabeth, true love will conquer all adversity


MylesWilson Morgulknight

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