On the Table of Fate

Tova's Journal

22nd Tertiary Advance

I found myself in Brario this evening. The tavern in this village is predictably unpleasant, but for the delightfully colourful flautist on the stage. Few in the audience appeared as anything more than the local specimen, gruff and unwashed. I did, however, note a young, half-breed monk enjoying the performance, who was so brightly dressed as to draw the attention of anyone in her vicinity (I shall keep that in mind. She would be an easy distraction if I need to get lost), and an Elven ranger sitting alone near the back. As we were the only two elves in the room, I greeted him briefly before inquiring with the barkeep about the job postings. The ranger followed as I was directed to speak to the flautist, a “Lady Sakura”, and we accepted positions to guard her as she travels to the city of Cauldron. The garish monk and a loud human also joined us and we set off at first light the following morning.

About half way to the town of Barrow’s Edge, we came upon a caravan being attacked by goblins on the road. Interestingly, Lady Sakura joined in the melee. I kept her behind me as I am her bodyguard even in this, but she is able to fight. We assisted the badly overrun guards, then righted their transport and joined it to our own team to drive it back to town. The caravan owner was a halfing named Sten who just so happened to own the general store in Barrow’s Edge. She kindly offered us credit to fill out our supplies as needed.

In town, we were able to follow up on another job that I’d glanced at back in Brario. There was a general call for adventurers, and now that we’re here we learn that the town has been facing a goblin problem in recent months. They need exterminators. We think we can take care of this, and Sakura believes it will not set her schedule out so we accept.

The ranger does an admirable job of tracking the goblins from the site of the caravan attack. We came across an ambush, which we won but where I unfortunately took a spear in my gut. The Priestess of Eilistraee residing in town healed me while we had our newly acquired magical items identified. Newly armed with wands and scrolls, we went back out and followed the trail to what we believe to be the goblin lair. We’ve killed several goblins and their pets, though we left one behind a jammed door and I am sure that ooze is more of a co-resident.

At this juncture I have to evaluate my current party. Now that we have found our way into this cavern, I need to be attentive of my resources should this get more difficult than we’ve found. The monk has proven herself pleasant – friendly, if unnervingly sweet at times – and her fists are strong. The human makes too much noise and he is lazy, but he likes to fight and is skilled with his tools. Lady Sakura is quick and fluid. She seems prepared to do what is needful; she is not to be dismissed for her daintiness. The ranger is very skilled with his bow and his eyes. I appreciate his attention to our rear flanks as we maneuver these halls. I do not know these people yet, and I do not trust them, but at the least they show value in their training and appearances. I will watch them, and hope She is not also.

Tova Naile


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