Jenella Graystone

31yrs old, 5'8", 140lbs Half Elf Monk with green grey eyes, long, brown ponytail and short elven ears


31yrs old, 5’8", 140lbs
Half Elf Monk
*Green grey eyes
*Short elven ears.
*Long, brown hair wrapped in a ponytail from the nape of the neck and wrapped all the way down.
*Wearing orange monk robes over brown trousers and red wraps on forearms and hands. Soft brown wrapped boots.


From half elf decent parents who are overprotective due to our race. Sent myself, the oldest daughter to the monastery, while older brother is a mercenary. The youngest sister is staying home and mom is expecting another child within the year. We live in a large metropolitan city with many other races. The monastery is on a high hill on the opposite side of town. Learning the goodness in all peoples and protecting that is my main goal. However, I do try to learn from those in the outside world that has become my new interest. I will follow those who are seeking the same righteousness of the world as I am. Starting with finding what these rumors are about unwelcome forces in our region heading from Solidbrooke to Cauldron. I will make my way there, and in doing so test my limits as a monk and find my own spiritual goal, become stronger in my Ki and prove that you don’t need weapons to fight for justice. half_elf_monk.jpg

Jenella Graystone

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