Sloviar Glowvendal


Sloviar Glowvendal looks like your normal elf. 5’ 8" 90lbs with a slightly muscular body from his hunting on training to live off the wilderness. Green eyes and dark black hair with a handsome face that is usually a mess due to focusing on his hunting and survival rather then his looks. Normally he wears just your normal green/camo hunting clothes made out of silk that he traded for while working at home. He does not hide the fact that he is an elf but also does not have the haughty aura of some other elves he has seen in his travels. He focuses on his job or mission and always looking out for the next thing that peaks his interest.


Sloviar was raised in a small elven village in the middle of a vast forest. Having been raised in a hunting family there was never any other direction he wanted his life to go. He was trained by his father at a young age on how to use a longbow. As soon as he became capable he began joining the adults for the daily hunting. The days moved on as he began to hone his skills with a bow and learn the ways of living off ther land. One day a trader had visited his village. The trader had come in search of pelts and rare meats that would be foriegn to his lands. The trader piqued Sloviar’s curiosity. Once the trader had returned to his lands more traders started to come looking for items to peddle. Sloviar had become an important figure to these traders as he was known in the village as one of the best young hunters and they would sometimes come to him for special requests. Sloviar had little need for money so he would request different varieties of food for his families and would ask for stories about the world outside the forest. As he heard more and more stories about the outside world he became more and more curious of the things he could experience if he were to leave the forest. Finally one day he had decided. He would go on his own adventure. He began to exchange his wares for travelling money to help him on his adventure. He let his family know of his decision. From the years he had been helping them their life had become comfortable and they would be ok without him. His travels have brought him to the hamlet of Brario. He is staying at one of the local Inns and has an agreement to pay for his room with meat that he brings from hunting in the nearby habitat. He waits for the oppurtunity to make the kind of adventures he has only heard about.

Sloviar Glowvendal

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