Witchdoctor Endugu

Human Witchdoctor


Male human
Black skin, bald
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140lbs, lean and muscular


Witchdoctor Endugu

Appearance: Endugu wears his ancestral Voodoo mask; made from the skull of a leopard and horns of an ox, adorned with many rare and colorful feathers and tiny animal bones. He carries his ancestral medicine staff, also decorated by many colorful feathers; some small animal skulls are tied to the top of the staff and serve as a rattle during rituals and dances. Other articles of clothing are basic, leopard skin loincloth and shirt, a fine mat of small bones serves as a crude chest piece, colorful feathers are tied at his elbows and leopard skin moccasins adorned with the same rare feathers. His large wooden shield has feathers tied to the sides near the top, and is painted with a fearsome Voodoo symbol, issuing a warning to potential threats from other tribes. He wears a beaded necklace decorated with leopard teeth

Background: Endugu was born from a long lineage of Witchdoctors [or “Sangoma” – a less unsettling title] in the very small leopard tribe [about 40 members]. Each new generation given the heirloom mask and medicine staff from the previous witchdoctor, once having completed their rite of passage. Endugu became witchdoctor at a very young age [7 years] when his father was betrayed and murdered by the rival Crocodile tribe. His father was well respected for his love and care of his people, always putting their needs above his own. It was this respect that ultimately led to his demise. The jealous chieftain of the Leopard tribe felt increasingly threatened by Endugus’ father and became paranoid that he would lose his place as chieftain that he made a deal with a the neighboring Crocodile tribe. The chief promised to deliver Endugus father to them as a “Peace offering” as there was no higher honor than capturing/killing another tribe’s Spiritual leader. With the news of his father’s death being caused by “Wild animals” during a spirit quest, Endugu found himself with the weight of spiritual leadership and well-being of his tribe thrust onto his young shoulders. With the guidance of one of the elders who was still faithful to his father, Endugu grew in maturity and wisdom very quickly and was a very well respected member of his tribe by age 10. Then the fateful day came, when his tribe was threatened by one of the largest and most powerful tribes of the time, the Lion tribe. Knowing that there was no hope to defeat this tribe, Endugu entreated the spirits to help his tribe. The spirits answered, but nothing comes for free. The spirits gave him a choice, he could let his tribe be slaughtered however the spirits would protect him alone, thus becoming the last member of an extinct tribe, or he could make the ultimate sacrifice and give himself to the spirits and his tribe would be blessed by their ancestors and would be victorious, driving off and defeating the great Lion tribe. Endugus choice was easy, he was instilled with the same selflessness his father had and thus agreed to give himself to save his tribe. He was given a small “Lamp, Jar, Etc” and was told he would be imprisoned there for “40 lifetimes” to compensate the spirits for the 40 of lives of the Leopard tribe that would be spared in the upcoming battle. A Week later, the battle came, and the spirits upheld their end of the deal, the Leopard routed and nearly destroyed the Lion tribe, only suffering one loss themselves: Endugu. Once released from his prison Endugu has noticed that his body has aged [slowly] only appearing bout 45 human years old, but his spirit burns with a fire that dwarves even the largest wildfire. Returned to a very strange and greatly changed world, He now searches for his tribe, and any descendants of his family.

Character Traits/Behaviors:
-Having known only primitive tribal life, Endugu knows nothing of the civilized world, cities, culture, luxury etc
-Endugu has a very strong respect for all living things, especially nature, but will kill without question if the need arises
-Having been forced to grow up so quickly, Endugu learned humility, however he carries himself with great confidence, in both himself and in his station of Spiritual Leader/Healer [not knowing current people probably know nothing of or disregards/mocks his primitive ways as a tribal healer]
-Endugu beliefs are very primitive, believing in superstition, omens and signs from the spirits, and that all things have a spirit: rocks, trees, water etc
-Endugu strives to live as his father did, careing for and healing others, offering advice and counsel and acting as a “go between” from this world and the spirit world.

Witchdoctor Endugu

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