Although druids are also considered a religious association, they differ from priests in that they do not venerate any greater outer planar being. Instead, druids believe the earth itself to be a living being, and the moon her child. Druids claim to receive their powers through a profound understanding and connection with the natural world, drawing on the earth’s natural power rather than supplicating any greater being for assistance. Druids are generally solitary and reclusive, shying away from civilization, but will occasionally be encountered by travelers making their way through the wilderness. Closely associated with druids are rangers, individuals that, while not actively worshipping the living earth, often share the druid’s connection with it, and sometimes harness its powers in a similar fashion.

Alternate Rules
Druids are inherently tied to the lunar cycle. Druids’ spells and abilities are more and less powerful at various phases of the moon. On nights of the full moon (dusk to dawn), druids gain spells and abilities as if they were one level higher, and all DCs increase by 1. On nights of the new moon (dusk to dawn), druids gain spells and abilities as if they were one level lower, and all DCs decrease by 1.

Druid Organizations
Attendants of the Fey
Glendale Par Protectorate
Sisters of the Pounding Waves

All druids are immune to lycanthropy.

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