Even the haughtiest of elves find it difficult to deny the prodigious feats the humans have accomplished during their short time on Annwn. Though not the strongest, swiftest, or smartest of the races, these short lived creatures have a versatility and an innate knack for survival and adaptability that astonishes most other races. Since the arrival of humans on our world, the balance of power between the races has shifted radically. While some races welcome the diversity and wealth of new ideas that spring from humanity, many bitterly resent this race which has pushed them to the corners of its civilization.

Unfortunately, humanity faces resentment not only from without, but also from within. For the rapid adaptability of humans, which is their greatest strength, also forms their greatest weakness. On Moravia alone, humanity has already diverged into several very different subraces, each of which seems incapable of co-operating in a meaningful way with the others for any period of time. Each of the eight subraces – Celenese, Durian, Sandoran, Jotun, Hrakan, Jen, Rhuinearean, and Solaran – differs not only in appearance, but in language, culture, and value systems.


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