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No one knows who first named our world, although as with most things, each race commonly assumes it originated with them. Though the language from which it was derived has long since been lost to time, it is believed that Annwn is the ancients’ name for the mysterious other world, the land of peace and plenty. The very nature of the word seems to suggest the possibility of worlds beyond this one, and raises the issue of Annwn’s place in the planar multiverse.

The dominant feature of the known regions of Annwn is the central continent of Moravia. To the North of Moravia lies the small, frigid continent of Jotunheim. To its east is the Grey Sea, also called the Sea of Troubles, and to its south lies the fabled Sea of Stars. It is said that a strange land lies far across the Grey Sea, but few claim to have made the voyage, while the Sea of Stars is filled with a myriad of wonders, set in a lush, tropical climate. This vast sea, although well traveled, is still relatively unexplored, and contains many strange lands.


Even the most treasured books of the Great Library of Chronos merely hint at the original creation of the World. All that is known of it has been passed on by word of mouth, and all races have their own version of a creation myth. This is in large part due to the fact that even the current gods are unaware of the true origins of the earth, so long before their time it was. Many races believe that their own supreme god is responsible for the creation of the world, a belief most evil deities encourage, and which most good ones do not bother to dispel.

Nonetheless, some facts are generally accepted by most scholars. All acknowledge that the current pantheon of gods were not responsible for the creation of the world, nor was the pantheon(s) before them. It therefore follows that some being even more powerful than the gods exists, or existed at some time in history, and that this “great creator” brought life to the world, as well as the original pantheon of gods.

Scholars also agree that while the original race or races first created are in question, man undoubtedly entered the stage at some later date. Of the major demihuman groups in the world, many believe elves and dwarves to be amongst the first born, while others espouse that the venerable dragons were among the first, as they must have been present before their later awakening (see ‘ The Coming of the Dragons’).

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Golden Age of the Demi-Humans
First Wars
Coming of The Dragons
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Silver Age of Man
Dark Ages
Ascendancy of the New Gods
Fifth Age

The Planes
Planes of Energy
Inner Planes
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River of Souls

The world of Annwn is populated with a veritable plethora of sentient beings, covering both the surface of the world and riddling the vast caverns of the Underdark. This section of my guide attempts to describe a few of the races that make of the major civilizations of our world.

In general, sentient races can be divided into two major categories: peoples and creatures, based on their general habits. Creatures, despite being highly intelligent in many cases, follow behavioral patterns closer to animals than humans, and do not typically form civilizations. Dragons, for example, are classified as creatures rather than peoples, and are not discussed herein. Peoples may be further subdivided into three main types: humans, demi-humans, and humanoids. The categories alone make it blatantly apparent that this classification scheme was devised by humans, but it is nonetheless accepted by most of the major races.

The term humans is clearly self explanatory. Humans, despite arriving relatively late in the history of Annwn, are indisputably the most dominant race of our world. Unlike the other races, humans are incredibly diverse, and eight major sub races of humans exist throughout Annwn. Each of these races speak different languages (although still able to communicate haltingly to each other through a simple language known as common), have different physical appearances, practice different customs, hold different values and attitudes, and consider themselves completely separate groups of beings (a belief most other races find bizarre but amusing).

Demi-humans are those races which most closely resemble humans in attitudes and body structure. They are all bipedal warm blooded creatures, physically very similar to humans. The four demi-human races are the dwarves, elves, halflings and gnomes.

Humanoids are all remaining bipedal creatures, and include dozens of races. Most notable among the humanoids are the orcs, tiefling, dragonborn, goblins, troglodytes, lizardmen, ogres, and giants. However, this category also includes many other unusual creatures, such as sprites, rakshasa, mind flayer, aarakocra,and sahaughin.


Major Groups/class alterations
The Southern Cross
Priests of Chronos

The Greenswords
The Unhumans
The Singers of Ehlonna
Varmint Patrol
Black Rose Company

Coming Soon
The Empire
Evening Dawn

The Angels
The Exiles
The Goliaths
The Gizos
The Prophecies
The Infinity Wings
The Oracle Force
The Anomaly Titans
The Seraph Syndicate
The Ebon Hand
The Enigmas
The Monsters
The Nightshade
The Jackals
The Vigilantes
The Cardinal Battalion
The Nebula Patrol
The Watchdog Warriors
The Anomaly Alliance
The Castaway Fighters
The Pioneers
The Singularities
The Sanguines
The Keepers
The Nemeses
The Custodian Rebels
The Maestro Watch
The Eerie Titans
The Enigma Syndicate
The Destiny Pack

Crescent Venture Pack
Vanished Sky Pack
Sunset Darkness Pack
Solar Lupis Pack
Dessert Eye Pack
Arctic Canis Pack
Brutal Hill Pack
Calm Burst Pack
The Black Banes
The Ambersky Shadows

Devil Lust
Annihilation Dragons
Death Legion
Phantom Raiders
Night Lurkers
Devil Wanderers
Nightshade Wanderers
Abyss Phalanx

Scuai Blos
Scion Gresh

Briuj Smil
Droopy Shana

The Free People
Backwoods Brigade

Talath Lord Of The White
Beroan The Voiceless One
Kilarth The Nocturnal
Zerelth The Adorable
Shorolth The Powerful

[Ladell ‘Fearless’ Bones
Lawford ‘Privateer’ Tattersall
Bernard ‘Fierceful’ Fisc
Dane ‘Backstabber’ Chrom
Dearborn ‘Traitor’ Lore
Risley ‘Reaper’ Eldritch
Thayer ‘Fierceful’ Rumlar
Avery ‘The Hero’ Tidus
Winslow ‘The Brave’ Seifer
Lincoln ‘First Mate’ Townsend


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