Dyrstan Njordbardursson

Human Explorer


Dyrstan Njordbardursson is a well traveled sailor from Garven. His manuscripts have been translated and are academic texts talking about the cultures of Annwn.


Born in Garven Dyrstan Njordbardursson is the son of a ship Captain. He traveled all over the world with his father. His father left him a ship named the Hesburus when he died in 3871. He traveled as a trader to many parts of the world and as the Captain he took very detailed logs of his travels. He was especially through about the different cultures and races that he encountered.

After the unexpected death of his family he stopped sailing and started traveling across the countryside spending his amassed wealth. He is still the owner of the Hesburus and receives money from their business.

He is also a carrier of simple metal box. The true purpose of it is speculated by a handful of scholars and merchants.

Dyrstan Njordbardursson

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