On the Table of Fate

Benny Branchbiter Diary

Day 6

The morning started out the same as it usually does, up at dawn and a warm breakfast [thanks to the fact hobbits love to eat]. Stan was complaining about the cool air this morning, as he normally does AND apparently the horse crapped on one of the cooking pots overnight [Serves Stan right, im tired of having to pack up the dishes every evening]. We set off towards Barraro once again [I can hardly wait to get home, get paid and be rid of this fat lazy hobbit]. Most of the day went by pretty good, aside from the horse having a bad case of gas, a side effect of getting into the oats this morning. I was walking along [keeping a distance from the horse] when suddenly the horse spooked. The problem with having an easy journey is that you tend to let your guard down.

We were set upon by goblins, a surprisingly well coordinated attack. One goblin spooked the horse causing it to run, then another goblin sprung from the bulrushes along the river and scared the horse enough to cause it to make a hard right turn and breaking a leg, thus tipping the wagon and throwing our fat friend to the ground. In keeping with Stans classic behavior, he scurried for cover as soon as he landed and hollered “kill those goblins, they wounded my favorite horse and spilled my stew!!!” once it clued in as to what was going on, we were surrounded. I shot one goblin dead almost immediately, as 2 closed in on my elven companion Freddy Fiveleaves. I kept the other goblin busy while the 2 were hanging a licking on Freddy. Another goblin found more pleasure in mutilating the horse while it was still alive.

Before I knew it, another adventuring group arrived on scene, and boy was that handy. They quickly killed the other goblins, but not before Freddy met an untimely end. After the battle, I noticed a trashy human try to take Freddys money pouch while pretending to “check if he was alive”. The dumb human should have tried a better excuse as Freddys head was quite bashed in by that time. I was just gonna shoot that trashbag dead for stealing, and do the world a favor, but there was enough killing today, so I told him to hand over the money as it was going to Freddys family when we got back to town [I wasn’t gonna tell him that Freddy owed me money for his gambling addiction, and therefore Freddys untimely death conveniently meant it was finally payday for yours truly].

The rest of the trip went smooth, and I was glad to get back to town and collect my pay from the fat little shopkeeper. Off to new adventures!!


MylesWilson MylesWilson

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