On the Table of Fate

Diary of Gunther Bloodmane

Trying not to die

Quaternary Advance 14

The towns folk and Sten are somewhat mollified after our 2 weeks in Barrow’s Edge. Ragnar is upset he didn’t get to kill the Dragon, although Maxine is happy that we untied her. Willow was able to find rations in her hunt and Selind is content with being dark and mysterious. I believe the mayor and Sten could not afford to keep us any longer anyway. We got our vouchers for Skies Treasury and set off that morning, Sten still looked worried but we did more then our job, what with chasing away a BLACK DRAGON no less.

Quaternary Advance 16
We reached Cauldron and I must say it really is more impressive then I ever believed and neutral trade city could be. After paying our fee at the gate, the full fee despite Maxine showing no more skin then normal … for Maxine. We enter the city and slowly make our way to Sky’s, alas we arrive to late and had to head back to the Tipped Tankard. Along the way we heard a disturbance and went to investigate. We stumbled onto a trio of oddly looking bandit type who were beating what we later found out wasRuffus. We had more trouble not killing them then was cared for, Maxine took a bolt in the chest which almost killed her. Ragnar charged in and beat down the thugs with Willow and Selind casting spells as if it was a walk in the park. The juggling of the axe did not work very well at first but then he got it right then wielded like a club and knocked out the thug. But not before Willow turned into a panther and almost eviscerated the other thug. Then the same shadowy figure from the roof who shot Maxine killed the third thug whom was already downed. I barely save the thugs from death before the guard show up, at which point I just want to sit down with Ragnar and Maxine and have a much deserved drink.


Serv_BlackBriar Serv_BlackBriar

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