On the Table of Fate

Journal Entry 11

Today has been an interesting day. Following the events of last night, the slaying of a vampire (by our female cleric…useless men!) That attacked us while we were sleeping, we ventured out of our den of relative safety to hunt the beast. alas we failed to find him, he seems to have fled the dungeon! Likely he left after receiving word that a cunning rogue was after his head. we did however, find his chair which we brutalized. Once again the women showed their superiority over the men folk. Yours truly gave the soap-eating half-orc vital advice on how to dispatch the fiend and thus via proxy defeated the beast.

After defeating the vile chair monster the party across a chasm. On the other side of the gorge there were piles of wonderful precious treasure! The gap was too far to jump so we would have to climb across via rope. This is when our moronic druid, rather than gracing yours truly, the expert in acrobatics and climbing, decided to give himself spider climb. He’s as clumsy as an orc! He then attempted to tame the guardian of the chasm, a large bat, and then proceeds to to climb across looking like a nincompoop. The bat apparently thought the druid was as charming as I did (with his endless moaning on and on about loving natural world. Misgidided idiot! Fifty percent of his own species is being oppressed and he complains continually about a bit of wood being used to for building houses. He clearly understands


Serv_BlackBriar Serv_BlackBriar

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